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Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande

Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande - Michael Coorlim While this is technically Book 2, and I thought I had listened to Book 1 by listening to Sky Pirates Over London (which is actually Book 5), it stands alone just fine. So, don’t shy away from picking it up if you run across it. I really enjoyed the steampunk background, and on an airship. I found this book to be more tightly written than Sky Pirates Over London, perhaps because it all takes place in one location. Michael Coorlim filled this novelette with plenty of action, which I enjoyed seeing through James’s eyes – after all he uses physics to calculate the swiftest ways to incapacitate his foes, which appears pretty vicious to those who don’t know him.

The narrator, Wayne Farrell, gave a clear and crisp performance, including both English and American accents. He was a treat to listen too. Additionally, this audio production included epic music at the beginning and the ending.