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Solstice High

Solstice High - Ardash Vartparonian Honestly, I kept going back and forth on this one. Ardash Vartparonian kept swapping the point of view between the main four heroes, which really worked for me. It let me see into each character’s head and also allowed the story to progress forward on the plot line. However, I noticed pretty quickly that I had favorites and not-so favorites. I had a really hard time connecting with, even liking, Rochelle as I found her shallow, vain, and not contributing to the group as a whole. Plus, her friends often enabled her bad behaviors, such as letting her cheat or doing her homework for her. So, I wasn’t rooting for her; in fact, I was kind of hoping for some interesting accident to befall her and have the others rally forth to vanquish the foes.

So, besides the character Rochelle, I liked the powers the teens ended up with and how they made use of them, experimenting with them and such. Though the way they got the super powers was a little weak, plot-wise, I was able to over look that and just enjoy the fact that their lives got much more complicated. All the kids had school and personal life stuff going on too, which was great for the plot as it showed becoming a super power didn’t instantly solve all your other issues. However, all the adults in this story are some type of useless: oblivious, not engaged, too caught up in themselves, or evil. The book felt a little unbalanced because of this; in my experience idiots and well-rounded folks can be found in all age groups.

I did like that the first couple of ‘bad guys’ we meet, brother and sister Hunter & Helena, were more complicated than first appearances. This was definitely a fun plot twist to explore. Also, the author did not shy away from having one of the main characters be homosexual. Hooray! Still, with all the good points, the few downers have me on the fence about this book. I will say that if angsty teen super power stories are your thing, this book reads well, has great pacing, and interesting characters (except Rochelle). So don’t let my luke warm review keep you from enjoying.