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Death by Didgeridoo (A Jamie Quinn Mystery)

Death by Didgeridoo (A Jamie Quinn Mystery) - Barbara Venkataraman Jamie Quinn doesn’t sleep, or at least, not much. So of course the job as a divorce attorney is perfect for filling her hours. Having recently lost her mother, Jamie is sleeping less than usual and consuming more coffee than usual to compensate. That is when her aunt calls in a panic; Jamie’s cousin Adam has been arrested for murder! Jamie drives to the rescue, facing down a hard-nosed detective, and starts digging into the death of Adam’s music teacher. Set in a small town in Florida, there are plenty of interesting characters to this humorous murder.

This was a quaint, fun little mystery. I found Jamie easy to relate to. There was just enough background to give her some depth, but not enough to drag down the story. After all, it is just over 2 hours long. Not much room for pesky background details. Then there is Adam, a teen age boy with Asperger Syndrome. The police found him on scene when they reported to the 911 call, dead music teacher at his feet, repeatedly apologizing. yep, poor Adam looked pretty guilty.

Jamie feels woefully inadequate to dig into a mystery and to clear Adam, let alone any client, from a murder charge. She is a divorce attorney, not a criminal case attorney. So she calls on a good friend for help, and a shady almost-friend for more help. Together, the mystery starts to unfold and it was quite fun to watch how the pieces came together.

If I have any criticism, it is that I felt the ending was a little rushed. We had all this great, sometimes humorous, drama through out the book, and then the ending was a little rushed. Still, not enough of a negative to deter me from enjoying further works by this author.

Narration: Carrie Lee Martz gave Jamie a clear voice, capturing her various emotions of alarm, anger, concern, sadness, relief. And she did a decent job at Adam’s stilted speech patterns too.