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The Nameless One

The Nameless One - Kathryn Meyer Griffith The Bennets are Egyptologists and they are on the hunt for the tomb of a lesser known wife to a well known Pharaoh. She was a sensual magic user who was entombed and nearly erased from history for her wicked deeds. However, the Bennets are dedicated to finding her tomb and opening it.

Julian and Laura are persistent, I will give them that. Of course, in our modern day lives, where magic is all but dead, I too would not expect to false into an evil trap merely by opening an ancient tomb. This book felt like the opening chapters to a much longer story. We get just the barest hints of Egypt in the setting and there isn’t really time for sex. I say that because this book is billed as an erotica. (Please note that the author contacted me after reading my review and told me she did not write this to be an erotic story. However, I double checked my Audible edition and the book starts with ‘the Nameless One by Kathryn Meyer Griffith, an erotic short story’. Hence my expectations for the level of detailed sex.) What little sex there is, is hinted at in memory or in erotic hieroglyphs on the walls of the tomb. In order for a book to be erotica by my standard, I need at least one steamy, detailed, active sex scene. This book flirts with erotic elements, never fully takes the plunge. Which is another reason I felt this was a good lead in to a more expansive story.

This book definitely has a hint of mystery to it as well. The wicked lesser wife was chiseled out of history for evil deeds, deeds that are hinted at but not defined. So I definitely want to know more about her. Plus Julian and Laura have this lovely committed relationship, both as Egyptologists and as lovers. So I want to know more about their lives and past adventures.

If you read the blurb on this book, then you know that not all make it out of the book alive. Those left alive must hunt the now freed wicked sorceress. This is another reason I hope there are further books in this series. I couldn’t find a series on Goodreads or Audible, though there appears to be at least one other book set in modern day Egypt (different characters).

While this book left me wanting more, it also left far too many questions open for me to be satisfied with it.

Narration: Susan Eichhorn Young did a great job as the narrator. The story is told through Laura Bennet’s voice and Susan was a perfect match for her. She had no hesitation during the scenes that contained erotic elements. She had distinct voices for all characters.