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The Skinwalker Conspiracies

The Skinwalker Conspiracies - Jim Bernheimer Note: While this is Book 2 in the series, I think it stands on it’s own pretty well.

Mike Ross returns in this excellent sequel to Pennies for the Ferryman. He’s still missing an eye, still plagued by ghosts, and his love life is still nonexistent. However, he has been working out so he should be able to punch ghosts with more effectiveness. Perhaps his love life will even come back from the grave.

Mike is on a quest. His dad walked out on him and his mom when he was a kid and he learned in Book 1 that it might not have been by his dad’s own volition. His dad may have been possessed by a skinwalker and Mike has to know the whole truth in order to put his past to bed. In his hunt for his dad, he also has to work through the revelations from Book 1 concerning his genetic ties to Edgar Alan Poe. Mike isn’t the first Ferryman in his family tree. With all that and the ever clinging ghosts dying to chat with a mortal, Mike is in for an adventure.

I enjoyed this story even more than Book 1. I think it is because Mike is indeed a reluctant hero. He’s still recovering from wounds received in military service and his disability check barely lets him get by while living at his mom’s. So, yeah, he likes to see some financial gain for assisting the numerous ghosts that want him to carry a message or return some family trinket to a long lost niece. But on occasion, Mike feels compelled to do something simply because it is the right thing to do. In the end, it is this sense of good that drives Mike onward even when he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

This adventure featured a Cadillac that broke down more than once (electrical interference from emotionally disturbed ghosts), a wedding ring (haunted with memories of a honeymoon gone awry), a body swap (say ‘Woof!’ for me boy!), and a female ghost hunter turned personal trainer (she’s quite comfortable handling Glocks). Toss in a powerful ghost on the brink of insanity, a few skinwalkers, and the Alamo and you have one wicked crazy adventure.

I’m a fan of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files, which is a well known urban fantasy series. I think Bernheimer’s Dead Eye series is every bit as entertaining as the early books in The Dresden Files series and I very much look forward to seeing where he takes Mike next.

Narration: Jeffrey Kafer did another excellent job. He’s a great voice for Mike, sounding like a determined but down and out man who is just trying to get by. Kafer has an array of distinct voices for both men and women. He also carried off accents for the Alamo quite well.

What I Liked: Mike’s powers continue to grow; several storylines in this book pulled together and tied off nicely; Edgar Alan Poe; looking forward to the next adventure!

What I Disliked: Nothing – thoroughly enjoyed myself with this book.