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If You'd Just Listened to Me in the First Place...

If You'd Just Listened to Me in the First Place... - Barbara Venkataraman Ella Boudreaux tells her tale of one failed attempt after another at finding and holding on to a job. Her mouth and chatty ways seems to have something to do with it. One summer, her friend, Jen, and her decide to give barnacle removal a try at a Louisiana marine. Ella is in for a surprise!

This was a fun short story about a woman trying to figure out her place in this world. She’s comfortable with trial and error, which is good since finding her true calling didn’t come easy. Chatty and friendly, her words can stray into the realm of nagging. But never fear, there is actually very little of that in this tale, so the reader doesn’t weary of the main character.

For those who like a touch of romance, there is Charlie, who is Captain Jack’s son. Captain Jack runs the marina and is quite attached to the old way of running things. His son has new ideas, but the two of them could come to rough words over them.

I can see the author continuing on with Ella. She was very likable and I believe she definitely has the penchant to get into the thick of things. That would make her an exciting center for mysteries or mayhem. If you’re looking for great little tale to keep you company over lunch, then this is worth your time!

The Narration: Martz, who also narrates Venkataraman’s Jamie Quinn mysteries, was great as Ella. She was able to put her southern drawl to good use in this Louisiana story. She also had great voices for Charlie and Captain Jack. Another great performance!