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A Beginners Guide to Masturbation for Women

A Beginners Guide to Masturbation for Women - Jacqueline Donne As the title states, this book is for beginners. And while it says ‘for women’ in the title, I will say it can be used by couples who are interested in expanding their repertoire, especially when it comes to pleasing a female partner during foreplay.

This book starts with a warning that it is not responsible for any injury incurred while testing the methods presented in this book. That sounded a little ominous to me and I quickly checked the title of the book – this is for beginners, right? There definitely shouldn’t be any injuries incurred while performing Beginners Level masturbation! But, no fear, there were not any injuries incurred due to this book.

Jacqueline Donne use to work at an adult store, so her approach to discussing female masturbation is straight forward with zero hesitancy. The information is presented in a clear, and sometimes playful, manner. This brief book starts off practically, going over the basic female anatomy. It then moves on to ways to masturbate, both with and without toys. She explains the differences in toys and specifically encourages women to get something they like, including considering the appearance. Apparently, it is not uncommon for women to name their toys, which was a surprise to me as I never have. But now I am tempted to. ;)

Basically, this is a short and sweet little book that would be useful to any woman who needs a little help getting started in the masturbation department. The information is told clearly and is tastefully presented.

Narration: Valerie Gilbert did a great job on the narration. I have heard that masturbation is a taboo subject (for some people) yet there was no hesitancy in Gilbert’s performance. She presented the book in a clear voice and added just a touch of friendliness when the author turned a little playful.